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flow pack wrapper

Alloy blades with long service life are used, providing a clean cut and preventing the packaging film from sticking to the blades. Detailed modifications need to be made based on customer products, choosing between single blade, double blade, or triple blade options
Product Features

Language Interface: Switch between multiple languages for export.

Operation Interface: Achieve digital adjustment of all parameters, simple and convenient operation.

Manual Interface: Touchscreen buttons reduce the risk of mechanical work for employees.

Recipe Interface: Save and switch parameters for each product type, no need to readjust when changing products.

Other specifications and parameters
Packing speed 60-135bags/min(depend upon items)
Film width (Max) 450mm
Cutting length 80-300mm
Package dimensions (Length)60-200mm,(Width)35-200mm,(Height)5-55mm
Machine weight (about)1300kg
Rated voltage AC220V/50Hz
Power load 5.25kw
Dimensions  (L×W×H) 3750×1200×1700mm
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