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industrial vacuum packaging machines

Wide applicability, high economic benefits, fast vacuum speed – this product is an external suction vacuum packaging machine designed for vacuum sealing packaging of various items such as food, pharmaceuticals, local specialties, electronic components, instruments, clothing, and more. The items packaged by this machine possess characteristics such as mold prevention, insect resistance, pollution prevention, oxidation prevention, space saving, reduced shipping costs, extended storage period, and ensured product quality.
Product Features

Not restricted by the size and shape of the product, the advantages of this machine include the ability to perform vacuum or gas packaging without limitations on the size or volume of the packaged items. The entire operation of the machine is automatically controlled by a PLC, with adjustable sealing time, cooling time, and inflation time. The brand PLC programmable controller allows manual vacuum adjustment to fit the shape of the product.

Various functions, firm sealing – the technology integrates multiple functions such as vacuum, sealing, and inflation, with a pressure-type sealing to address the issue of inadequate sealing in traditional packaging.

Pneumatic sealing external vacuum machine, large size supports non-standard customization, can customize sealing widths of 800, 1000, 1200mm. The standard machine has no restrictions on the length of the vacuum packaging size, within 600mm width, and 300mm height.

Stainless steel workbench equipped with an anti-static stainless steel workbench, adjustable in height according to the size of the packaging.

Filter combination gas, enlarged filter, high-performance oil-water separation, making the vacuum pump run smoother with stronger suction.

High-quality silicone strip, refined high-density silicone strip ensures air-tightness, helping the vacuum chamber achieve the desired vacuum level.

Control panel with a clear and concise design for easy and convenient operation.

Equipped with brake movable rubber wheels, making it more convenient to move the equipment when needed, and can be fixed by pressing the brake.

PLC programmable logic controller, a chip with special function modules, designed for high integration, flexibility, and programmability, specifically for industrial applications.

Other specifications and parameters
Model DZQ-600W
Power AC-100-200/50-60HZ
Heat-sealing power 0.8KW
Power of pump 0.75KW
Sealing- bar size 600*10MM
Working table size 600*400MM
Vacuum pump speed 20M3/H
Dimension 670*500*100mm
Weight 80kg
Material of vacuum case and hull Stainless steel
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