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How easy is it to operate packaging equipment?
The good news is that as long as your packaging system isn't hyper-customized, the equipment is pretty easy to use! Most of Fanpo equipment does not require advanced technical knowledge to operate. Modern packing machines have intuitive full color touch screen interfaces. And if you need to change the machine over to accommodate different bags, it can be done without tools. Still worried about the learning curve? Ask your representative or contact our service department for training options. Our expert technicians would love to show you how it's all done.
How much does packaging equipment cost?
There is no quick, easy answer to this question. Packaging machinery is specific to the customer, so arriving at 'standard pricing' isn't usually practical. But we can provide a range: For fully automated systems, you can expect to pay in the mid-to-high five figure range all the way up to millions of dollars. Pricing largely depends upon your unique needs: The products you want to package, the speeds you would like to achieve, your bag styles and sizes, the complexity of your process, and how quick you need the machine delivered. Generally, the more complex, customized, or high-speed the packaging process is, the more you can expect to pay.
Can one packaging machine handle different bag styles, sizes, and products?
The short answer is Usually, yes. Adjusting a machine to accommodate different bags is called changeover, and it can take from minutes to hours depending upon many variables. The longer answer: Sometimes a one-size-fits-all machine isn't the best choice. The more varied your needs are, the more it may make sense to invest in multiple systems or automate only certain parts of the process. Reason being, packaging machines are optimized to run within certain parameters. If your needs are varied, accommodating those variations within machine parameters can be complex, costly, and inefficient. It can sometimes be better to have a machine that does one thing really well than a machine that does many things 'just okay'.