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wrapping machine

One of the most prevalent types of shrink wrapping machines, extensively utilized in the packaging of food, cosmetics, and electronics.
Product Features
wrapping machine
  • The machine operation is straightforward, with reliable quality and stable performance. It features variable frequency adjustment and stepless speed variation.
  • High-sensitivity photoelectric eye for color mark tracking, mathematical input for sealing and cutting position to enhance precision. Temperature-independent PID control for optimal adaptation to various film materials.
  • Positioning shutdown function, non-stick blade, minimizing film wastage.
  • The transmission system is streamlined for increased reliability in operation and easier maintenance.
  • Incorporating a waste material recycling device enhances packaging aesthetics and saves materials compared to traditional fold film packaging machines.
  • Featuring a color touch screen control system and driven by three servo motors, the machine offers convenient operation, high stability, and efficient packaging with low failure rates. The bag length, speed, and temperature can be individually adjusted for precise and user-friendly operation.
  • Can be equipped with a coding or inkjet printing machine, eliminating the need for manual intervention.
  • Efficient dual-temperature zones in the heat shrink furnace, high-performance hot air circulation, automatic temperature control, ensuring quality shrinkage
Other specifications and parameters
Mode NumBMD450C
Max packing speed(depended) 40meters/min, adjustable
Oven dimensionsL1200mm (Entrance)450mm H220mm
Workstation height780-850mm
Power load & voltage 7.0Kw220V/380V 50Hz 60Hz, 3phases
Main construction materialCarbon steel
Weight 160kg
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