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Tabletop commercial vacuum packing machines automatic vacuum sealer for food

Heat dissipation exhaust port: When the machine is in operation, the generated heat will be dissipated through the heat dissipation holes, ensuring rapid heat dissipation and extending the machine's usage time.
Product Features

Utilizes an industrial-grade pure copper vacuum pump.

Convex cover design: Strong pressure resistance without deformation.

Dual-purpose for wet and dry applications; can handle liquids as well.

Vacuuming doesn't require special bags; it works with glossy, textured, folded, aluminum foil, Yin Yang, and kraft paper bags.

Stainless steel vacuum chamber: Uniform wall thickness, mature welding process, and excellent pressure resistance.

Microcomputer control panel: Features an intelligent control system design that allows users to pre-set desired parameters before pressing the lid, and the machine automatically starts working.

Vacuum printing and sealing completed in one step: Install the provided printing code on the heat-sealing silicone strip above the lid, and then press the lid down normally. After vacuuming, the bag opening will have a printed date.

Thickened convex cover: Adopts a thickened convex organic glass cover that is explosion-proof and more durable than a flat cover.

Upgraded high-temperature cloth: The upgraded high-temperature cloth doubles the heat resistance compared to the previously used cloth.

Side-opening door design: Both sides of the machine have side panels that can be opened for convenient maintenance.

Pure copper transformer: Equipped with a 750W pure copper large transformer, ensuring airtight sealing during the machine operation.

Other specifications and parameters
220V 50hz single phase
product as customer request
Power of pump
Heat-sealing power
Lowest absolute pressure
Volume of vacuum case
Sealing strip size
Number of heater
Exhaustment of vacuum pump
material of vacuum case and hull
Stainless steel 
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